An enchanted bay

Endless beaches...

The Côte Sauvage

Guérande peninsular

The white city

The port and beaches...

Drop anchor at the Domaine Ker Juliette

For a seaside holiday...

Your holiday in Southern Brittany will be full of surprises! Naturally you can bask in the charm of Pornichet, with its beaches, its coastline, its fishing port and its villas.  But not far from our Hotel & Residences, you will make other magical discoveries.   Explore La Baule, with its chic yet friendly atmosphere. The town is Pornichet's "big sister", and the two share not only a bay (an official member of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World) but also a relaxed lifestyle. 

A little farther afield, at the tip of the Le Croisic peninsula, lies the town of Le Croisic, home to corsairs, which surprises visitors with its authentic atmosphere and natural setting. Then take a stroll through the narrow streets of Guérande, a unique medieval city which has stood guard over the renowned salty marshes for centuries. And just a few minutes from the Domaine, round out your visit to the region with a trip to Saint-Nazaire, known as the white city, whose history is intimately linked to the ocean.

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